TGRWT17 Redux: Apple/Rose

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Two months in a row with rose based food pairings. This time it’s Apple/Rose. It is pretty hard to get around the whole persian/middle eastern connection. So I am not going to shock you with MORABAA-YEH SEEB, an apple jam with citrus (usually lime, sometimes lemon) and rosewater. Will you be dazzled with the Rose Scented Apple Pie? What if I were to tell you of a tree that produces a fruit called the Rose Apple, which is neither Rose nor Apple and is yet reminiscent of both?


That’s right… the Syzygium jambos produces a fruit that is according to some random sources on the internet both apple and rose like. The above picture comes from here, where you can also find some recipes.

I think when:

  • nature itself
  • the ancient persians, and
  • the mother-f’n food network

have managed to combine the two flavors, we can call this pairing a lay up.


3 responses to “TGRWT17 Redux: Apple/Rose

  1. The pictures of the rose apples brought back many memories from my childhood! I ate a lot of them then and really enjoyed them. They’re so juicy that you can almost substitute them for drinking water. Unfortunately I haven’t tasted them for years, so when reading that they are reminiscent of both I’m trying hard to imagine what they tasted like 15 years ago 😉

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