The Crosne: Tasty Starch Or Tuber Maggot

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I have a fatal attraction to unusual product. Even worse, I recently bought the bizarre at the bazaar and promptly forget its name:

Crosne, a.k.a Chinese Artichokes a.k.a. Maggot Tubers

Crosne, a.k.a Chinese Artichokes a.k.a. Maggot Tubers

In attempts to do research, i typed “tuber that looks like a maggot”. Instead I found this video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Maggot Lives Inside Woman’s Head", posted with vodpod

Then “tuber maggot”.

The results were not promising.

I had a vague memory of the sign. Whatever these little nuggets were called, it began with the letter C. Let’s refine our approach. This was a tuber. A tuber is a root vegetable. Let’s zip on over Wikipedia, and look at my options.

Wikipedia tubers that begin with a C: Chufa and Crosne. A couple of google searches later and we are confirmed. They are Crosnes. The Internet also suggests simple preparations. Butter, salt and pepper. Boiled. Pickled (Chinese preparations). Raw (Crunchy in salads).

First attempt had them added to a salad. Slightly nutty, definitely crunchy, but raw is not for me. They are calling for some extra love.

My next attempt will be butter, salt, pepper, some fresh herbs and crosne @ 83C.


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